Fabulous desserts buffet in Marbella

November 12, 2017 - 1 minute read

We have been for a long time far from our blog, designing the new season weddings. But we are back!! Loving the idea of showing you our last weddings & events… We have lots of beautiful moments to share with all of you.

Our weddings & parties are built around the highest standards of spanish & international best gastronomy. Food and wine are a very important area of our culture, and we design lovely set ups for you and your guests to enjoy.

And after a fabulous dinner… what about a desserts buffet? This is what we designed for Natalia’s wedding. The best help for dancing all night long…


Diseño y Organización, Sí! Quiero
Fotografías, Lux Poem
Mobiliario y Decoración floral, Pedro Navarro