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First and foremost… congratulations

You have before you an incredible experience…days and weeks that you will remember as some of the best of your lives, full of ideas and joy and dreams.  A time full of excitement with the knowledge that you are getting closer and closer to a day that will be truly unforgettable.

Getting married begins with a dream… I like weddings that dare to ask ‘And what if…?’, a wedding that starts with an intense desire for something as unique and special as yourselves.

I know that you want everything to be perfect… and that you want something truly original, something yours and only yours; from the words of your ceremony to the decoration of the party, from the choice of your venue to the music you will dance to…

Si!Quiero (which means ‘Yes, I do!’) can make organizing your wedding a pleasure.

Si!Quiero can help you make your dream wedding a reality.

Si!Quiero can help you create a wedding day that is filled with personal details and surprises, and at every step share with you the thrill of planning what is sure to be an incredible day.

Welcome to the world of Si!Quiero!


Art. Emotion. Detail.

“Sira Antequera is known as a wedding artist because of the marked artistic approach that she uses to design her weddings.  Her weddings are the product of an emotional response to her clients needs and the designs she produces are often trend setting.  Guests at her weddings and events speak of pure excitement.  Brides and grooms speak of how she is able to capture their characters and reflect it in even the smallest details, and of how much fun they have. Even as we sit and enjoy a coffee together, Sira transmits the peace and tranquillity that her couples tell me allows them to enjoy the process of organizing their wedding so much”.


Gema Lendoiro, journalist for La Razón

Right from the beginning, your wedding is unique.

You already have your dream wedding in mind, we will help you discover it and give it shape and form.
With sensitivity and our talent for creative solutions, we will interpret your ideas and dreams and transform them into reality. And of course, you can count on our logistic and organizational skills to ensure that everything is under control. Let the magic begin!